Use this free software to display internet speed meter in windows 11[Working for 22H2]

internet speed meter in windows

The year 2022 has come up to an end, still we don’t have a feature we all need that should come pre-built in windows, that is internet speed meter.

We all know that this is pretty handy feature that’s already there in mac and Linux operating systems, but there is no such settings there available for windows, also we don’t have that feature in Windows Power Toy app which really has some of the great cool features we use in our daily life.

So in this article we are going to show you step by step how to get this feature for Your Windows 11 PC or laptop for absolutely free. It’s also working with windows 11 also.

1. Internet speed meter download

1st of all lets go to Microsoft Store and search for “Net speed monitor” and install the app marked below.

Search for internet speed meter

Also you can click here to go to the install page directly and download from there. Although there is also paid version of this but we don’t require that.

2. Setup the meter to the taskbar.

Although this meter can be placed anywhere in the screen, but it looks great inside taskbar and also it will not take any extra space and causing any distractions while we use our computer for work.

After opening the software, you can see the meter pops up at right of the screen.

Right click on the icon at the system tray and click on “Change UI Position”.

You can see a pointer appears, just click on point where you want to place the speed meter.

I have placed at left bottom corner of the taskbar as usually I use all the taskbar icon groups in the middle.

3. Customize the internet speed meter

You can also change the look and feel of the internet speed meter pc by going into settings.

I use below settings:

  1. Unit Speed: Bits/sec
  2. Font Family: Yu Gothic UI
  3. Font Size: 10
  4. Bold: NO
  5. Color and Theme: Transparent
  6. Custom Color : Default

Extra Features (Free Version)

  • Internet speed test free : You can also check your internet speed by using this internet speed meter software.
  • Quick Screenshot : Take a quick screenshot of the desktop
  • Network Properties: Show all connected networks of your PC.

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